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Emma Blackburn Vice President Welfare and Community is contacting all private landlords on behalf of the student members of Lincoln Students’ Union, to outline a request for them to consider not collecting any more payments for student accommodation rent this academic year.

In the current climate, housing security is a concern to all, and this specifically includes student renters. The main form of employment for students is often zero-hour contracts, and a large number of employees are on zero-hour contracts, particularly in hospitality-based industries, and have no sense of job security anymore with some finding themselves in a state of financial hardship.

In addition, a vast number of students, particularly those with a high-risk demographic, are now wanting to self-isolate and therefore, living in accommodation with a shared kitchen and/or shared living room presents a real risk for the health of many students. In addition, numerous international students have now travelled home in order to avoid any form of travel ban which may see them stranded in the UK for longer than anticipated, at no fault of their own.

Emma Blackburn Vice President Welfare and Community said:

“The University itself has seen there is a clear need for students to be unburdened from deciding where is more economically viable to live, and as a result they have decided not to collect the last rent payment. Subsequently, this will support students to make the best decision of where to live, based on their health and well-being rather than any form of economic persuasions.

As a Union, we believe that is only fair that all students are offered the same opportunity to make the decision on where they are going to stay for this uncertain period, based on NHS Guidance and whatever personal circumstances they find themselves in.

On behalf of the Lincoln Students’ Union Executive Committee, I am requesting that all private landlords consider not collecting any more payments for rent this academic year, in line with the University of Lincoln, in order to put student welfare at the forefront of your service delivery.

I understand this is a large request, however, I do hope you seriously consider this, particularly due to the issues relating to student welfare that I have been highlighted above”.

You can read the letter to Private Landlords here

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