New Student Housing Accreditation Scheme

The University of Lincoln has historically worked closely with local landlords and letting agencies to ensure the provision of well managed and safe housing for students through a Student Housing Accreditation Scheme. As of 11 September 2020, that service will now be offered by the Students’ Union.

The Lincoln SU, which is a separate organisation to the University of Lincoln, is launching a new, independent, Student Housing Accreditation Scheme. They aim to support Lincoln students and will work to ensure that landlords and properties meet agreed standards with regard to quality and safety. They will encourage good communication between landlords and their student tenants and require high levels of support on maintenance issues and community responsibility.
Lucy Krogdahl, VP Wellbeing and Community at the Students' Union, said:
“It is important that Lincoln students have access to an independent housing accreditation scheme that represents them and their interests in the city. As an SU we can support and represent students on more than just academic issues.”
“Housing and accommodation is a large part of the student experience, and we aim to make sure that students are supported in this area. Our Accreditation Scheme will be robust and thorough, meaning that students can feel safe and confident when renting a property.”

The Students’ Union Advice Centre, working in partnership with the University Student Support Centre and Student Accommodation Services, will take a lead role in being the first port of call for students who want advice about their accommodation options and to help resolve any queries or concerns about their housing rights and landlords responsibilities. Student Accommodation Services provides advice on University-managed accommodation and residences within its Accommodation Partnership Scheme.
Judith Carey, Academic Registrar of the University of Lincoln, said:“The SU’s decision to introduce its own Student Housing Accreditation Scheme and to develop its accommodation advisory service will help to ensure  the high standards our students rightly expect are maintained in student housing across the city."

The Students' Union will be announcing more details about the scheme in the future.