An important update from your VP Activities

This is an update for all members of Students’ Union student groups, including Sports, Societies, Academic Societies, Campaigns Network and the International Students’ Association.

Following the Government’s announcement regarding the upcoming lockdown from Thursday the 5th November, we need to update you on what the change in rules on socialising outside of the household mean for SU student groups, including Sports, Societies and Campaigns Network groups and the International Students’ Association.

From Thursday 5th November until Wednesday 2nd December, the Government is taking the following action:

  • Requiring people to stay at home, except for specific purposes.
  • Preventing gathering with people you do not live with, except for specific purposes.
  • Closing certain businesses and venues.

For the full details around the new restrictions please follow this link: Here

We have written a list of FAQs for you to refer to, to help guide your activities over the next four weeks. If you do have any further questions regarding the current restrictions and what this means for your student group please email [email protected]

Can student groups meet in person still under the rule of 6?

As of Thursday 00:01pm, no event held by our student groups (ISA, Sports, Societies, Academic Societies, Campaigns Network and Wellbeing Network) can take place in person as the country is in lockdown as per the Governments guidance. It will illegal if any sports club or society (outside support bubble or household bubble) meet in person until 2nd December 2020. Find more information on the new restrictions

Are Academic Societies exempt from the new restrictions?

Academic societies are not exempt from the new restrictions, whilst they have an educational purpose, they fall under they same restrictions imposed for all our students groups.

Can student groups still meet online and hold events virtually?

Absolutely yes, event applications must still be submitted by Committee Members or Officers in line with policy. We would encourage sports clubs and societies to continue their work they have been doing to hold virtual events, collaborate with other student groups to provide a social online space to members.

Can I participate in sport If I am a member of a sports club?

As of Thursday 00:01pm, all our sports club activity in person events will be postponed, this means no sport can be played. National Governing Bodies guidance is being released as a result of the lockdown announcement which we will be monitoring.

Will the Sports Centre close?

At the moment, we are seeking further clarification on what services will be closed within the Sports Centre on campus.

What is happening with BUCS?

At the moment, we are seeking further clarification from BUCS on their plans for the year and Term 2 leagues. We will let relevant sports clubs know any updates as soon as they are released.

If I am a Sports club or Society, can I access the lock up?

From Thursday, no access will be granted to access any lock ups on campus in line with the new restrictions in place.

As a student group, can I still purchase items for my group?

We will be looking at purchases on a case by case basis during the lockdown and will approve or decline as per policy and in line with national guidance.

Can I get deliveries?

From Thursday, no deliveries will be able to be collected as our reception will be closed. If you have already as a student group purchased items, these will be delivered to the University’s Mail Room and collected by a Students’ Union staff member and put in storage until lockdown restrictions ease. If you need to get in contact with Reception, please email [email protected].

Both the SU and the University will continue to monitor the latest Government guidance and respond accordingly, to keep all our community safe and observe the law, while offering the richest variety of experiences and opportunities we can.

We must all work together to protect our campus community and our friends and neighbours in communities across the city.