International Champions

We are celebrating International Champions. These are people who have been nominated by their friends and peers because of their positive impact on the international student community at Lincoln.

International Champion: Jenna Moon
Nominator: Mohit Bulchandani 

"Jenna has been an outstanding K Wave President and is always on the lookout for international students who need help and support with their duration in Lincoln. Jenna deserves this award since she goes out of her way to represent and support different cultures."

International Champion: Stephen Hernandez 
Nominator: Mohit Bulchandani 

"Stephen is the ISA Officer for the students' union and has done a lot to help students integrate with the home culture. [Would you be able to expand on this more for the final quote?] He has created a space for home and international students to be able to integrate and learn about different cultures together."

International Champion: Aisha Sagir 
Nominator: Mohit Bulchandani 

"Aisha has been a very active member of the International Students' Association, she is signed up as an international buddy as well and is a very engaged member of the K - Wave society as well."

International Champion: Shazeda Begum
Nominator: Mohit Bulchandani, Zuzanna Renata Krawczyk and Aurelio Franco Lewis. 

"Shazeda is an active committee member for the International Students' Association. With over 40 pairs of buddies paired up and an amazing welcome event put forward by her, she is a very active member and is always looking to help international students settle better in the UK."

"Shazeda put a lot of effort into running the ISA Buddy Scheme and the ISA meetings, lovely and approachable committee member."

"She organises the International Buddy Scheme to help international students get used to British's lifestyle and their new surroundings, as well as making them less shy and make friends with other students, both local and international."

International Champion: Mohit Bulchandani
Nominator: Zuzanna Renata Krawczyk

"Never stopped putting as much effort as he could into the SU, especially when it comes to involvement in the international community events. Mohit had always been passionate about helping students from overseas to settle in, this is definitely reflected on by the improvement of the ISA and the International Week which he took a huge part in when it comes to organisation. He always encourages the ISA committee to do more and think bigger."

International Champion: Amy O'Sullivan
Nominator: Stephen Hernandez

"Amy has helped out on every single ISA event to make sure each one was successful. She has been passionate about making sure everything is going smoothly with each aspect of ISA. This includes providing the resources, offering advice, and helping out with ISA Buddies Scheme."

International Champion: Anh Chan Ngoc Nguyen
Nominator: Judy Turner

"Anh is one of our International Student Ambassadors and she has done a lot of excellent work in  bringing people together and to come up with new initiatives to promote Lincoln and all it offers. Anh, from Vietnam, has written blogs  published on the Student Life website about Asian food supermarkets in Lincoln and her trips around the UK. She also did a student takeover of our social media accounts which were very well-received. Anh has made a real effort to reach out to new cultures, particularly with British students. She has many British friends and has been keen to immerse herself in the UK experience as well as introduce others to Vietnamese culture. Anh also took part in a Spring Festival video in her national costume with members of the International Office. Anh has provided some superb guidance about how to get Vietnamese students involved in events on campus and has also run a Vietnamese language Facebook page to help incoming students make friends before they arrive. She will be helping to host a food event in the David Chiddick Building soon with tasty treats from her country. Anh is very proactive and is happy to suggest and implement ideas. She's been a real asset to us and I'm sure she will have a great future when she graduates from her MSc Marketing and Tourism course this year."

International Champion: Judy Turner
Nominator: Despoina Keramari

"Judy Turner has been helping me since day one before even I started my course as an international student. I met her by accident in the DCB building and she was so encouraging. I felt really welcomed in the University. She informed about the opportunity to take part in the UBC Business Stimulation which was one very beneficial experience for me and she also has helped in my career hunting by meeting with me discussing and providing me with information about useful sites and people I can talk to in the careers center. I believe she makes a great contribution to the university as an International and Employability Manager."

International Champion: Tom Martin
Nominator: Austeja Kursvietyte

"Helped me while I had rough times being so far away from home, always with smile, and gave me good advice."

International Champion: Residential Warden Team
Nominator: Nancy Whttaker

“The Residential Warden team provide a great access to the student community - students are very receptive to the service and seem very comfortable to speak to them about issues they are having. In particular, they provide a great service to international students, who especially respond well to the service, and are sometimes reluctant to access campus services due possible language barriers so bringing the service to their doorstep is very helpful to them. The Wardens provide a safe space for students to talk and share their concerns and therefore, this service has provided the student community on a whole, with a great sense of community - spanning different years, ages, ethnicities and religions.”

International Champion: Rebecca Cardell
Nominator: Mohit Buchandani 

"Rebecca has a lot of involvement in all the ISA events. She is also a B-Global peer mentor and has done several travels with the university to teach in China for a year, travelling to India and Sri Lanka with the University as a visit to learn about different cultures. She has also put forward a trip with the help of LIBS to Hull."