International Students’ Association Elections

On 25th May - 4th June,  an election was held to allow students to choose who will be the next committee of the International Students’ Association. The ISA works on campaigns alongside the Vice-President International to put on events and improve the student experience of international students at the University of Lincoln.


We now have the winners, and the results are as follows:

Deputy President: Yimin Jiang (WINNER) – 15 votes l RON – 4 votes

Publicity Officer: Waxin Liu (WINNER) – 37 votes l Shalini Paul- 4 votes l Yiyuan Zhang – 4 votes / RON- 0 votes

Head of International Friends: Chi Lin Pham (WINNER) – 10 votes l RON- 3 votes


Two positions on the ISA Committee are still vacant. If you are interested in being the Social Secretary or the Treasurer for the ISA, we will be holding more elections in October to elect these roles, so look out for these!