Changes to ISA Standing Orders

Your Vice President International and International Students’ Association (ISA) Officer have been working together, thinking about the most effective ways to support and represent international students.

Your Students’ Union is a dynamic organisation, constantly reviewing processes and ensuring they are fit for purpose and in the best interest of our students. Your VP International and ISA Officer have looked through the governance for ISA Forums and as part of student feedback and continuous improvement, have proposed changes to the forums to ensure they are inclusive and meets the needs of its membership. 

To make providing feedback more accessible for ISA members, there are proposed changes to the ISA Forum Standing Order (5012) which include changing the title to ‘ISA Hubs’. The proposed ISA Hubs would be a planned meet up alongside a programme of activities throughout the academic year, these may include walking to the Cathedral, visiting the Castle grounds, litter-picking and more. These activities will allow international students to meet other students and the opportunity to provide authentic feedback about their university experience which will be able to be fed through to the ISA committee. 

This has meant changes in the Standing Orders; 5012 and 5009. These can be found here.

In line with Bye-Law 3.10, these are subject to student approval. If you have any objections to changes within these Standing Orders, please email [email protected] within 14 days.
If 20 objections are received to the change within 14 days, the change shall not be passed, and a Student Members’ Meeting shall be held if necessary.