University is not stressful…said no one ever! image

University is not stressful…said no one ever!

Cassie Coakley
Vice President Activities

You’re up to your eyeballs in deadlines and work you don’t understand, trying to get into your bed at night and finding seminar notes in your pillowcases or, even worse, piling everything on “the chair. You feel like "this is it", "university is not for me", sobbing into the beer you really shouldn’t be drinking and deeply thinking about the concept of playing the game of life but all you roll is snakes and not ladders.

Stress exists at university, especially at exam time.

However, it is actually possible to not be stressed, even if it’s for a matter of minutes, so then you can actually do your work.

I look back fondly on my 3 years of being a Drama and English student. While studying, I was also a committee member for my club, sports officer for the SU, a committed girlfriend, family member and managed to have some kind of social life. My lowest point was when I was writing my dissertation. I spent 27 hours straight in the library, drinking red bull and eating anything with sugar in it just to keep going. (But this is something that I DO NOT ADVOCATE!)

Stress is inevitable, whether that’s having too much to read, or not remembering information. University is hard, but I promise you, it’s all worth it in the end.

Here are my top 10 tricks to be less stressed:

  1. Naps (naps are great, take time to rest, even if it’s a 20-minute power nap).
  2. Makes loads of lists (helps if you break things down, 1 step at a time).
  3. Clean your room (tidy room, tidy mind).
  4. Focus on yourself (your relationships, friends and family will still be there after your deadlines, crack on and do your work).
  5. Physical activity (go for a walk or play a team sport, anything to give your mind a break from work).
  6. Eat properly (I know it’s hard to say no to Red Bull, but you will feel so much better eating real food, and it will make it easier for you to think too).
  7. Music (listen to everything and anything, from movie soundtracks to Dr Dre 3000. Anything to calm you while doing work or switching away from work).
  8. DAVID ATTENBOROUGH - The man will make you switch off and decrease your pulse in a matter of seconds. Enjoy the soothing voice while waves crash and rain falls in the Amazon.
  9. Talk to people! (There is nothing worse than being stressed on your own, talk to friends and family, see if their wisdom can guide and calm you).
  10. Rewards. (Once you’ve done something you deem significant, reward yourself. That might be Quack!, early to bed, having a drink or watching a 10-minute compilation of Vines. Reward yourself).