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Tips and tricks for international students during exams, assignments and revision.

Sophia Liu
Vice President International

During my first two years studying at Lincoln, I would spend time in the library during my assignment periods since I found it difficult to write essays in my room. There were just so many things distract me at home. I’ve never been one to start my essays last minute, but instead prefer to plan them in advance. This helped to alleviate the anxiety and the added pressure of impending deadlines, especially since on my degree programme, there were often multiple deadlines that were very close. 

I’ve always liked quiet studying environments, preferring to go to the library at night as opposed to the day since there were fewer people there so I found I could focus more. Sweets, drinks, charger, headphones... these were the staple things that I would bring with me all the times, especially during long periods of essay writing. It was a package that definitely kept me at the library longer than I would have anticipated! I always liked to hand in my assignments a day before the deadline, just in case there were any errors or mistakes that I could avoid or change.

As an international student, the services available from the English Language Centre have been so useful. They provide drop-in sessions that can give advice on academic assignments from the language support perspective and their service is free to use. The library also provides drop-ins for referencing advice and I think it is extremely important to try and use as much support as possible if you need it.

Every time when I am feeling under pressure or stressed, I like to take myself out of that environment and take a walk which helps me relax. I find cooking, ironing, even doing laundry have all worked for me when looking to de-stress and not worry about uni work! Learning to balance workloads with life and enjoying being a student has definitely been a challenge but it’s always important to remember, a big celebration is needed once you have handed all your work in!”

Keep your eyes open for events and pop-ups from your SU to help you relax this week.