The beauty of facing challenges image

On 6th April UoL student, Lucy Krogdahl, was crowned Miss Lincoln after having been scouted for the competition back in January when leaving the gym.


Dispelling myths around the pressure beauty pageants place on body image and objectification, Lucy chatted to us about her incredible experience and achievement.

From rowing the length of the channel for charity to using her new position to make a difference, Lucy faced challenge after challenge throughout the pageant process and isn't going to stop there. 

"I am very excited for what the year has to offer for me as the new Miss Lincoln. I really want to use the platform it provides to help the community and tackle issues, such as mental health within students."

As someone who struggled with body image and an eating disorder throughout her teenage years, Lucy never really saw herself as a beauty pageant kind of girl, but decided to seize the incredible experience. 

"I hoped that it would boost my confidence and make me a more rounded person, which I can 100% say it has!"

We are very proud of this strong, resilient woman who is now Miss Lincoln and can't wait to see what Lucy does with her new platform in the forthcoming year. 

Photo credits go to Van Der Meuwe.