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Module Evaluation Winners!

posted 5th May 2017 at 10:00am


Module Evaluations are now open at lincolnsu.com/modules until the 7th May. As a thank you for telling us what you think about your modules, the University are giving away a number of cash prizes.

And when do we find out who these winners are, we hear you ask.


The final 10 winners of the £100 cash prize are:

Michelle Fletcher

Bianca Rumbelow

Isobel Cameron

Anthony Pearce

Charlie Stennett

Freya Hagan Palmer

Annabelle Hughes

Rose Merritt

Jase Owen

Anita Atuma

The second 20 winners of the £100 cash prizes are:

Harry Marshall

Joel Tait

Samuel John Lance

Lewis Wright

William Joseph Cummings

Olajumoke Victoria Olaniyan

Rhianne Paige Davis

Byrana Webber

Alex Tipper

Charlotte Alice Ryder

Isaac David Lord

Carl Ryan Gowen

Zoe Alice Nicholls

Rachel Anne Lowson

Eowyn Ysobel Butler

Hannah Marie Milgate

William James Dutton

Fay Dulcie Bower

Michael Charles Martin

Amber Maria Ewing


The first 20 winners of the £100 cash prizes are:

Christian Cowdell

Sarah Louise Smith

Chenyang XU

Chantel Louise Walsh

Chantelle Nicholls

Hollie Morrall

Ashleigh Burrell

Natascha Alexandra Burge

Josie Hindle

Emily Durham

Andrei Mihai Simion Munteanu

Chloe Beckford

Bethany Inglis

Bethany Kate Shaw

Jade Callaghan

Rachel Laidler

Megan Partington

Danielle Whisker

Callum Robinson

Juliet Brookes

If you are friends with anyone on this list, be sure to let them know to check their emails (and they can buy you a drink)! Otherwise congrats and keep an eye out for the next round of winners!