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Starting to think about moving out for summer?

Your Community Officer, Holly, has some tips and tricks…

We all know how difficult packing your entire year into a box can be, so perhaps, instead of trying to fit all of the bits and bobs you haven’t used all year into your car to go home why not repurpose them? We've got lots of tips, tricks and advice to help get rid of all of that clutter and help some fantastic causes at the same time.


Left-over food?

  • How about donating it to the Lincoln Community Larder? We have a donation bin in the Students’ Union Reception all month! Look out for our posts throughout the month showing you exactly what your donations are able to achieve.
  • Should this not be possible, the Lincoln Food Bank is always accepting donations and desperately need your support.
  • If not, ask around your friends and flatmates, perhaps they could use it! They may even have something for you in return!

Clothes you're looking to get rid of?

  • Donate them to the ‘Rags for RAG Sale’! All money raised from the sale will be going directly to the four ‘RAG’ charities chosen for this year, and any clothes not sold will be donated to local charity shops.
  • You can always donate clothes directly to a charity shop of your choice. Look out for posts and videos throughout the month where we will be talking about all the amazing shops nearby, and there’s often a charity bin near to you that’s even closer!
  • A lot of charities can still make money from clothes that are a little too well loved by selling the materials on to be repurposed, so definitely check this if you can.
  • If not, why not try donating the tattier looking ones to members of the arts college, community art projects, or even try making something with them yourself?

Any books or homeware that have served their purpose?

  • Why not buy a table to sell your stuff, for some extra summer cash, at the Second Hand Sale on the 25th May? Tables are just £2 to buy, and all money raised from tables will go towards your 2018/19 RAG charities. Click here to buy a table.
  • If you’re not around on the 25th, or don’t fancy selling, you could always donate to a charity directly! That way not only can goods be kept from being thrown away, but the money raised from selling your things goes towards some amazing causes.

A hoard of bottles or a mound of revision materials that need to be thrown?

  • Keep an eye out for our upcoming handy tips about recycling on our Instagram pages here (listed below!) Often there are lots of items which we mistakenly believe can be recycled or vice versa, and it’s important that we learn about the distinctions between these.
  • We all know to try to avoid throwing something away which can be recycled, but what often isn’t discussed is the impact of items that cannot be recycled becoming mixed in with other recyclable items. For example, with cardboard items that have been contaminated by food, it has the potential to contaminate other items which are not, and a lot of recycling plants refuse to separate them. If in doubt, check whether the material is able to be recycled, just to be sure!

So, there it is, a (close to) complete list of ways to better use all of those things you've found under your bed, or in the back of a cupboard, or even (don’t deny it) those things you haven't even unpacked yet. With the recent declaration of a climate emergency, as well as the recent ‘Extinction Rebellion’ protests here in Lincoln, it’s even more clear how important it is that we act now in order to help protect the environment.


If helping the environment is something you are passionate about, look out for ‘Time to Act: Shape the New Environment Act’ on 16th May, our panel discussion on environmental issues. Get your free ticket here.


By recycling, or repurposing our left-over things as efficiently, and effectively, as we can, we are able to:

  • Reduce the amount of things we send to landfill, thus helping to protect the environment;
  • Directly support rough sleepers, and low-income families;
  • Help to raise money for fantastic, and often lifesaving, charities.


As well as much, much more! Let's give something back to our community this year with Move-Out May. Keep up to date throughout the month on Instagram and Twitter:

Holly (Community Officer) Emma (RAG Officer) George (Environmental Officer)
@community_ulsu @ulsu_rag @enviro_ulsu


"The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members." – Coretta Scott King