Meet your new Lead Wellbeing Champions! image

Meet your new Sexual, Mental and Physical Health Lead Wellbeing Champions who will be working hard to lead our Wellbeing Champions over the next year.

This year we have set up the Wellbeing Network in which volunteers will be working closely with our Vice President Wellbeing and Community to ensure students are fully supported in all aspects of their wellbeing. The network is made up of Callum Roper, your Community Officer, your Wellbeing champions and three Lead Wellbeing Champions, who have now been selected!

We would like to say a big congratulations to your new Lead wellbeing Champions...



Megan Greaves, your Mental Health lead; Lucy Dunkerley, your Sexual Health lead; and Roshane Matthews your Physical Health lead.


Over the next year they will be working with the SU and the university to ensure all students feel supported by raising awareness of the services available and gathering feedback. All while completing their studies and helping run campaigns for students. If at any point you want to get in touch with them you can through their emails:

Megan Greaves: [email protected]
Lucy Dunkerley: [email protected]
Roshane Matthews: [email protected]

While we may have filled our Lead wellbeing champion roles, we still need your help! If you want to be involved you can apply to be part of the Wellbeing Network as a Wellbeing Champion through the SU website. We need students who are passionate about health and want to work with a great team to make a change for students.

‘I am so excited for the upcoming year and working closely with Wellbeing Champions, Leads and Community Officer to support the health and wellbeing of our students to ensure students have the best year possible.’ – Lucy Krogdahl, VP Wellbeing and Community.