New Water Fountains!

Your Student Leader team are constantly working hard to ensure your SUggestions progress from an idea to a reality.


The latest triumph of your SUggestion platform is testament to our dedication to making sure your voices are heard.

Your President, Kudzai Muzangaza, has been lobbying since May 2017 to ensure that the following SUggestion was put into action:

"Water fountains on every floor of the Minerva Building and Library."

Although water fountains could be found on campus, one student noted that these were predominantly on the ground floor of buildings.

"Please can we get water fountains on every floor!"

You said, we did.

Kudz engaged in several meetings with the Head of Estates, Senior Staff in the Estates Department as well as Project Managers, to move this idea forward.

Thanks to his efforts, water fountains can now be found on every floor in the Library and are coming to Minerva in the summer. 

Kudzai says:

“The SUggestion for water fountains has shown that student experience at Lincoln is key. The University has worked with us closely to ensure that this was put in place. I’d like to extend a massive thanks to the Library and Estates department who have been keeping us in the loop over what has been happening with this SUggestion. I’m really excited at the prospect of these fountains further helping students, particularly whilst studying hard in the Library!”

Thank you to all those involved in securing this recent triumph for our SUggestion platform.

There are still several SUggestions currently available at If you would like your voice heard, then submit an idea, or vote on an existing one, and see what changes your Students’ Union can make for you.