NSS Boycott policy

Government changes lead to nullification of NSS Boycott policy.

During an All Student Meeting in March 2017, the ‘Boycotting the NSS’ motion was put into effect.

The student body viewed that the National Student Survey (NSS) – a controversial factor in its role as a metric in the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) – was linked with the rise in tuition fees, and therefore the Union should “refuse to aid in the promotion of NSS and to ensure our policy is one of official opposition to NSS whilst it is still linked to tuition fees.”

In light of recent Government changes, and with the amendment to the Higher Education and Research Bill stating that the results of the TEF would not be grounds for determining fees a university can charge being passed earlier this year, the Union can confirm that the motion is to be nullified.

The motion “to join NUS in calling for the House of Commons to accept the amendment made by the House of Lords that would call for TEF to be delinked from tuition fee rises” has been resolved, at least until the Government’s 2019 independent review of the TEF is completed.

Your Students' Union President, Kudzai Muzangaza, is looking to work with the student body to implement a policy that will reflect the current status of the TEF and tuition fees.

The policy will soon be removed from the official policies guiding the actions of the Union, subject to Board of Trustees approval.

If you have any queries regarding this policy, or any of our other policies, email president@lincolnsu.com