Lincoln Students’ Contribution to OfS Guidance on Sexual Harassment

The Office for Students (OfS) is the regulatory body for all UK universities. The OfS also works to offer guidance to Universities on ensuring that they are offering a safe and supportive experience for students whilst studying. 

The OfS has been undertaking a consultation with Universities and Students’ Unions across the UK on the important topic of Sexual Harassment. In March, the University of Lincoln Students’ Union undertook focus groups to explain the consultation and gather students feedback on the questions asked by the consultation document. 


Some key areas that were discussed were: 
•    A definition of sexual harassment/harassment 
•    Commentary on key expectations that the OfS would expect of Universities, such as the communication and embedding of the approach to prevent and respond to sexual harassment; working with students to develop policies and systems; and the development of fair and effective training for staff and students 
•    How students expect to communicate with their university about sexual misconduct and harassment 
•    And how students expect their university to respond to sexual misconduct and harassment


A full breakdown of the questions asked by the consultation and responses provided by students can be found here.

The Students’ Union has compiled the responses from students, and will be submitting these answers to the Office for Students.