Are you Ready to Rent?! image

Welcome (or welcome back!) to University and your new house or halls!
Moving in is always one of the most fun and exciting times of year, but you also need to make sure that you know all the tips and tricks to be a good tenant and truly being 'Ready to Rent'. 
Alongside this, I am excited to share that we are launching our Housing Accreditation Scheme on the 2nd November and tell you what this means for students.

What is the Lincoln Students' Union Housing Accreditation Scheme?

We are excited this year to be launching a brand-new Housing Accreditation Scheme, which will work with landlords and accommodation providers across Lincoln to make sure that they meet the high standard that we know our students expect. The scheme will launch on Monday 2nd November, along with a brand-new website where you can find accredited properties as well find helpful resources to use as a tenant. 

On Monday 2nd November, you are also invited to attend the Virtual Housing Fayre where you can meet accredited landlords, explore the types of properties available in Lincoln, as well as meeting the services and organisations at the SU, University and in Lincoln who are here to make your experience as a renting tenant in Lincoln, the best it can be. Find out more about the event here.

There are some obvious ways to be a good tenant, including being respectful of your neighbours when it comes to noise and protecting the paintwork on your walls but there are so many other things that you may not have considered! 
Being a good tenant isn’t limited to respecting the property - it is also about becoming part of a community and knowing your rights as a tenant. 

Being a Good Neighbour
When living in your new house it’s a good idea to introduce yourself to your neighbours. This could be as simple as popping a card through their door to introduce yourself - who knows they might become life long friends of yours! Alternatively, you could help them by taking their parcels in if they aren’t home or popping their bins back at the same time you move your own (just make sure you aren’t blocking their drive or any exits!). There are loads more ways you can be a good neighbour and become a part of the wider Lincoln community here. Many areas hold community forums or weekly meetings so residents can socialise and have their say of issues affecting the local area. They often also hold community events such as litter picks, which are a great way to get involved and give back to the community and meet people. 

Having an Eco-Friendly Home
Being a good tenant also means considering the environment, in how you live in and treat your rented property. It is really easy to be environmentally conscious by making small swaps like washing at 30 degrees, using energy-saving lightbulbs or only getting one food delivery per week for the whole house. We have loads more tips for being eco-friendly here

Knowing Your Rights as a Tenant
It's so important to know your rights as a tenant, as well as maintaining a good relationship and communication with your landlord or letting agent. This ensures you are clued up, know where you stand, what to expect and can hopefully avoid any nasty surprises. This starts with reading your contract thoroughly. This sounds simple but is often something that people forget to do. If you are uncertain about any elements of your contract or are unsure about something your landlord is asking of you the Students' Union Advice Centre can help you. Find out how to contact them here.