Referendum Results

Between the 1st and 5th of June, all students had the opportunity to vote in the Students’ Union Referendum, on whether they wanted to adopt a policy that been put forward at a recent All Student Members Meeting, for the Students’ Union to create its own Housing Accreditation Scheme. 

In order for the policy to be adopted, the Students’ Union bye-laws state that 10% of eligible voters must have voted in the referendum, with a simple majority voting for the policy. 

The votes were as follows: 

Turnout: 454 votes

For: 432 votes
Against: 15 votes
Abstain: 5 votes

As the turnout did not meet the 10% threshold, this means that the policy cannot be adopted. 

Emma Blackburn, Vice President Welfare & Community said: 

‘Whilst unfortunately we did not achieve the 10% threshold to be able to formally adopt the policy to create a Housing Accreditation Scheme, the results did show a clear mandate to the Student Leaders that students would like the Students’ Union to look into developing a Housing Accreditation Scheme. With this in mind, I am having conversations with the University and the Students’ Union Board of Trustees to see what can be developed, and carried forward by next year’s team. Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote in this referendum.’