Referendum Results

Between the 17th – 21st June, the Students’ Union held a referendum to ask students to have their say as to whether they wanted to adopt a policy that was put forward by one of our students.

The Student Leaders wanted to support the student who brought the proposal forward to get it to the top of the agenda and give it the attention that it deserves. All the Student leaders have publicly supported this referendum.

Referendum: Should the University of Lincoln Students’ Union adopt the policy: ‘To lobby the University of Lincoln to stand with the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement by providing more educational materials, engaging support and demonstrate positive activism’?

The full proposed policy can be seen here.

We are aware some people have asked why we have held a referendum on this important matter.  Firstly, as a democratic organisation, it is enshrined in our governance that policy can only be set by a Student vote, this is either by an All Student Members Meeting or a Referendum.  If the vote is passed, the proposal becomes a student policy and the Student Leaders must work on the policy for the next 3 years. 

Secondly, holding a referendum gives weight to a cause. More students indicating that they feel that it is an important issue provides the Student Leaders with more of a democratic mandate (and a strong backing) to lobby the University to raise the issue to the top of the current agenda and make effective change. 

A quorate result has been achieved and is as follows : 

Total number of votes – 2480

Yes – the proposal should be adopted: 2320
No – the proposal should not be adopted: 128
Abstain from the vote: 21
Spoilt: 11

We note that the University have already provided a response to the actions so far regarding the content of the proposal.  Both the Students’ Union and University recognise that considerably more needs to be done on this important issue and we will work together with the University to deliver lasting social change.

Moving forward, we will be working with our students in a Working Group to create an action plan to deliver on the resolutions within the policy.  This action plan will be shared with the student body.  We will publish the minutes from this Working Group so our members can see what we are working on and hold us to account on our actions.

The Vice President Activities said, on behalf of the Executive Committee: 

‘We are so happy that, as expected, this proposal which was put forward by a University of Lincoln student has passed, meaning it will be made into official Union policy. It is such an important issue to work on, and we are very grateful for the amount of support it has received from the student body, meaning we have thousands of student’s voices behind us to get this raised to the top of the University’s agenda. We will be starting to work on an action plan immediately, so we hope to be able to make some really positive changes.’