5 reasons why you should register to vote

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You may probably be aware; a snap Election may be taking place across the UK very soon.


Why does this matter to you? As a student if you register to vote it gives you the power; it also gives you an influence and a stake in society.  


‘The one thing you need to make sure you do as a student is register to vote. It’s really simple to register and you can either register from your home address or your University address, but you can only vote once.’  

Cassie Coakley – Students’ Union President and Emma Blackburn, VP Welfare and Community

5 reasons why it is important you register to vote:

1. Firstly it is your right to vote

As a British Citizen or qualifying Commonwealth Citizen, you have every right to vote and have your say. If you’re unsure if you can vote, see here.

2. You can help elect whoever you want

You can be a part of electing the party you think most represents you and your views the best!

3. You can be confident you had your say if you voted, if something you don't like happens.

If a party wins that you don’t like, at least you tried so won’t feel as bad.

4. It takes less than five minutes

It is really easy to do and you can do it online, register to vote now.

5. There’s no time like the present – before you know it, you’ll have missed the deadline

You have your own views and opinions that you should express by casting your vote.

Only 43% of 18-24 year olds voted in 2015