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With the next General Election taking place on 12th December 2019, it’s very important that you register to vote.

It is easy to do & you can register online in less than five minutes – the same amount of time it takes to catch-up on your Facebook notifications or make your morning coffee.

By registering to vote, you can be part of the big decisions being made, and have your voice heard at election time, as well as in any future referendums. If you are not sure whether you have already registered to vote, it is better to register again with your local authority.

You must be registered by midnight on 26th November 2019.


"It’s crucial for you to vote, as politics affects both our present and our future – from the amount we pay in tuition fees, to changes to the maintenance grant system, to how easy it will be for us to find a job once we graduate. We need to become politically informed so don’t miss your chance to have your say, register to vote today."

Cassie Coakley – Students’ Union President and Emma Blackburn, VP Welfare and Community


How to register:

It’s easy. Go to, click on ‘Register to vote’ and simply answer the questions. It is very important that you have your National Insurance (NI) number with you in order to register – you can find this on payslips or your student loan documentation. If you don’t have an NI number or if you can’t find it, you can find out more here.

If you have a term-time address and a different permanent address (for example, your family home), you can register at both addresses, so that you can vote wherever you are when the election takes place. This means you can register to vote in Lincoln, as well as at your home address – but you can only vote once in a General Election. 

Remember - you must register to vote again each time you change address or move house.


Please note you can only register to vote if you are an Irish, Commonwealth or EU citizen and resident in the UK. Find out more here

The Students’ Union will be holding a General Election Hustings with all the local candidates, taking place In the Engine Shed on 28 November. The event will begin at 6pm with doors opening at 5:30. All welcome, including non-students.  For more information on the Hustings, click here.

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