Your right to respect

Every student and staff member at the University of Lincoln is a full and valued member of the University community, regardless of their background, identity or role. 

We should all be able to enjoy the very best environment for work and study, where diversity is celebrated and where fair treatment, dignity and respect is central to how we interact with one another through our words, actions or decisions. The University belongs to us all, and everyone is entitled to respect. 
Respect is a core value of the University and is defined under five principles in the University's Respect Charter:
•    Recognise that we will not always share the same points of view
•    Treat people fairly, with courtesy, dignity and respect
•    Acknowledge that our personal behaviour has an impact on others
•    Own and try to learn positively from our mistakes
•    Be mutually supportive, and improve through our ability to work and learn together
The Respect Charter was developed jointly by the University, the Students' Union, the University and Colleges Union (UCU) and Unison. The values it reflects are integral to our practices and policies, including those relating to expected standards of conduct for students and staff and the University's Commitment to Equality and Diversity.
Further information and advice, including details on how to raise concerns about inappropriate behaviour, can be found on the University Portal and the Student Services section of the website. The Students’ Union Advice Centre can also offer support to students.
Yours faithfully,
Judith Carey - Director of Student Affairs
Connor Delany - Vice President Welfare & Community