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We would like to congratulate our University of Lincoln Rugby League Club on receiving funding from the CreatedBy RLWC2021 Capital Grants Programme.

Our Rugby League Club will receive partnership funding of £767.62, and therefore are one of the lucky projects to receive part of the £10 million investment that government provided RLWC2021.

The programme, which is delivered by the Rugby League World Cup 2021 and the Rugby Football League in partnership with Sport England, aims to help grow the sport and make it more visible, engaging and welcoming to current and potential participants.

We asked the University of Lincoln Rugby League Club some questions to find out more about the teams history, the funding, and the importance of partaking in sport whilst at university…


Tell us more about your club/community with a brief history.

The University of Lincoln Rugby League has been a team and society on campus for over twenty years and have a long and rich history within the Midlands Universities Rugby League. As a team, we are one of only two teams representing Rugby League in some form of capacity in Lincolnshire. While in Lincoln, we are the only Rugby League team in the city, it’s for this reason we have a close family unity and bond both within the university community and also within the Rugby League community. University Rugby League has played a vital role in the development of opportunities for students to play and build relationships.

Where did you hear about RLWC2021 funding?

Through the help of a committee member’s former college rugby coach, we were able to find out about the funding. As a community we looked further into this funding a saw it as a great opportunity to build on the goals in which we set to achieve for the future of the team and society.

Why did you apply for the funding?

This funding was an opportunity to help us achieve our goals of building community awareness within the campus, and the possibility to be involved and to try Rugby League. As a team, we have set targets to build our team up for promotion into the Midlands 1A and to also reach the cup finals. Through this funding we have access to new equipment that will help develop our training and help in the recruitment of new members.

What will the funding be used for?

The funding has allowed us to place an order on new equipment which we hope to use to run regular tag Rugby League tournaments, as well as regular joint training sessions with other teams and societies within the university community. We hope through this funding we can run events that will help build a better on-campus relationship and promote Rugby League on campus, as well as promote healthy living through a new and fast-paced sport for people to try out.

Why is sport so important for students to get involved with?

Many of our team and society members emphasise on the importance of sport as it has helped them make friends and better relationships, as well as improving both physical and mental health. As a team we believe that being together regularly helps us all as individuals to develop on and off the field of sport. We believe we are more than friends, but are a family and this is through taking part in a sporting activity, and also being able to have people to socialise with off the field, and that is something we strive for as a team. Better relationships on the and off the field and to us that is the importance of sports for students.


The University of Lincoln Rugby League team


Once again, well done guys!

If you are interested in getting involved in Rugby League during your time at University, please contact [email protected]

If you want to find out more about how you can apply for funding for your sports team, email [email protected]