You asked for clearer signage across campus image

As part of our SUggestions scheme, ‘Revise the signage around the university’ was submitted and voted on. 

Our current VP Welfare and Community officer Connor has been working with the national Alzheimer’s Society and other research body’s to discover the best practice guidelines for making the signage suitable for people with sight issues, dementia, or people suffering from other mental or memory illnesses. 

Connor has also been working with the University estates team, informing them of his research and recommendations to make the signage clearer and easier to understand.

The submission also requested for the University Health Centre location to be included on the signs which is also going ahead. A clearer design that is easy to understand for both international and home students is also being considered in the design requirements for this. 

All of this will be happening over the summer period, a huge thank you to all involved and for the University estates team for their assistance in making this possible. 


Watch this space for updates on when the new designs will be installed, in the meantime keep submitting and voting for your SUggestion ideas, we can help make them happen! 

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