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Earlier this year, Raise and Give (RAG) raised an incredible £3830.84 for Breast Cancer Now.


The charity's mission is to make breast cancer a curable disease by 2050.  It is incredible fundraisers like this that make that mission an achievable aim.

An amazing three students and three staff got involved, taking on the highest skydive in Europe at 15,000ft!

As if this adrenalin rush wasn't enough, all six jumpers managed to surpass their personal targets of raising £550.

Let's remind ourselves of that total figure again shall we?




We couldn't be more proud of all those who participated and we can't wait to see RAG soar this year.

Although we can't tell you any details yet, we can reveal that there is already a MASSIVE CHALLENGE lined up for 2018/19.

If you want to get involved with challenges like these, vote on which charity you would like fundraising money to go to, or simply find out a little bit more about RAG, there are three options open to you: 

  • Check out their stall at Societies Fayre on Tuesday 18 September!
  • Follow this link: www.lincolnsu.com/rag
  • Or, if you have more specific questions, don't hesitate to contact your RAG Officer, Emma, at [email protected]