Update on Standing Orders

Over the summer period, the Student Leaders have been busy reviewing function and running of our student groups including the International Students Association (ISA) and the creation of a Campaigns Hub.

The Executive Team raised that the ISA should no longer sit as part of the Campaigns Network as they are not strictly a campaigning group and they would prefer to be a more social group for international student to socialise, meet new people and hold events. The Vice President International will work with the ISA Officer to lead the team and build a large, welcoming community for international students in Lincoln. They will represent the voice of all international students in Lincoln as well as helping to integrate international and home students. The Campaigns Hub has been created to ensure fair funding within the Campaigns Network. 

New Standing Orders have been created, which can be found here.

In line with Bye-Law 3.10, these are subject to student approval. If you have any objections to changes within these standing orders, please email [email protected] within 14 days. 

If 20 objections are received to the change within 14 days, the change shall not be passed, and a Student Members’ meeting shall be held if necessary.