New Undergraduate Student Trustee image

An applicant will be recommended to the Board of Trustees by the Trustee Appointments Panel to become the new Undergraduate Student Trustee .


The University of Lincoln Students' Union (ULSU) Board of Trustees is the SU's governing body that takes overall responsibility for its work. The board is responsible for the governance of the charity, ensuring it is effectively and properly run and is meeting its overall purposes. The SU's Board is made up of a series of External, Sabbatical and Student Trustees, who approve and monitor the strategic direction of the SU, in line with the best interests of the members and the business.

As the current Undergraduate Student Trustee is due to complete their course this year, and in line with Bye-Law 6 and Point 23 of the Articles of Association, the Trustee Appointments Panel met and interviewed a series of candidates following an online recruitment process. 

We're happy to say that the recommended candidate is Christian Meadows!

In line with the Bye-Laws, should any students have objections to this appointment they should address them to the following email within fourteen days of this news story being posted to the website: [email protected]