SU Awards Nominations Now Open!


The SU Awards are a fantastic opportunity to recognise the hard work and passion shown by the University of Lincoln's staff and students, and to give praise to those individuals and groups who actively seek to make a difference to the student experience.

If you know someone who deserves to be recognised, please nominate them; you are more than welcome to submit as many nominations as you feel is appropriate. The various awards are listed below, along with some criteria to help you think about the group or individual you choose to nominate and why.

Submitting nominations is as easy as clicking below:

Student Nominations    University staff and non-student nominations


Nominations will close on midnight Wednesday 7th February 2018. Submit yours now!

Course of the Year

For this award, we ask you to take into account teaching quality, feedback and organisation of the course, and how this has developed over the last year. Does the course you are nominating stand out as dynamic and offer examples of work that others could take on board? Then you should nominate them.

Staff Member of the Year

This award is for an individual member of staff who has worked consistently to enhance the experience of students. You should nominate someone who has been helpful, supportive, approachable and patient, and who has ultimately positively affected the student experience.

Service Team of the Year

This will be awarded to a University professional services team who are constantly enhancing the student experience and offering a great standard of service. If you know a team who deserves to be recognised, get nominating!

Feedback Award

Feedback is an important part of the study process; students have told us that feedback is most useful when it is personalised, helpful and constructive. Nominees for this award should have captured these qualities in order to support the academic development of their students. Who will you choose?

The Employability Development Award

This award is for either an individual or group who have employability on their agenda and have gone the extra mile to offer advice and expertise to ensure students are confident in using their skills after university. They will have provided opportunities and support that enable skills-development and make students prepared for applications, interviews, and the working world.

The Mary Stuart Award for Student Engagement

This award reflects the excellent work done by the University and Students’ Union to broaden engagement of students and staff in how the University runs and develops its services, schools and campus. If you know someone who has delivered a significant improvement to the University, engaging both staff and students in the process, then you should nominate them.

Outstanding Contribution to Activities

This award is for a student or group of students who have shown outstanding commitment to social and competitive sports clubs or societies within the Students’ Union. You can recognise someone who has worked to develop their Activity, create a community for its members, and dedicated significant time and effort to ensuring a positive experience for all involved. Nominate them now.

The Postgraduate Community Development Award

This award is for those who have worked to improve the postgraduate learning environment and encourage collaborative, inter-disciplinary work. Nominees will have shown a commitment to establishing and growing a postgraduate community and increasing the engagement of postgraduate students in both academic activity and extra-curricular opportunities.

Outstanding Contribution to Academic Representation

Nominate someone for this award who has shown commitment to listening to, involving and communicating with students to develop the academic experience at Lincoln. If they have acted as the student voice in their own area, having significant impact in representing others’ academic interests, then you should nominate them.

The Inspirational Teacher of the Year

Nominees will be those whose teaching style or content and the support they offer has inspired students to reach their academic potential. Inspiring teachers are those who challenge and motivate their students, engaging them in meaningful academic activity. In short, they provide teaching that inspires students to learn and be successful.

The International Impact Award

For an individual or group from the University staff team or the student community who has shown a commitment to engaging and empowering international students at the University of Lincoln. This award should be used to recognise significant work which has been done to create a positive university experience for international students, especially where contributions to the integration and support of these students is concerned.

The Roger Buttery Campaign of the Year

Considered for this award will be those who have developed and delivered a campaign that is truly student-led, engaging their peers to raise awareness of a topic or issue. If you have encountered a student who has worked to create a positive impact which can be felt across the University community, nominate them for this award.