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Important Update from your Students’ Union
Outcome of Appeal

posted 9th March 2017 at 8:20pm

After an appeal hearing this week, the University of Lincoln’s Students' Union disciplinary panel has reinstated the Conservative Society's access to its union-affiliated social media accounts.

We cannot provide details on the hearing other than to say that the original suspension related to a broader set of issues in addition to a breach of the social media code of conduct which the society signed as part of their membership.

It is important to remember that students run the Students’ Union and that this is a learning environment where boundaries can be tested and young people can take on responsibilities and make decisions in a safe environment. In this instance, only the disciplinary panel and the students involved know the full details of this case.

The Students’ Union would like to reassure students and the wider community that it is 100% committed to protecting and promoting free speech on campus, which is preserved in law and vital to the type of free and frank debate which helps students to have their voices heard and bring about change. Whilst we understand why some perceived the action to be an act of censorship, this was not the intention of the panel.

We will be undertaking a full review of all policies in place and how they impact on Freedom of Speech, as this is staple of everything we do, here at ULSU. This will start with a student open forum on free speech, which the SU will host tomorrow 1-5pm, this is a good opportunity to discuss any concerns with elected Student Leaders who will be present. 





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