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Following a SUggestion submitted to the Students’ Union, we have worked with the university to enable international students to bring translation dictionaries into their exams. This year the University will be trialing the provision of translation dictionaries for examinations, initially in 3 languages, Chinese Mandarin, Vietnamese and Arabic.

There will be a number of dictionaries made available to students but the number will be limited and available on a first come first served basis at the start of each exam.

If students have already purchased their own translation dictionary and would like it checking to ensure it is the type permitted for exams, they can visit the Student Support Centre or the Library reception within their opening hours.

A member of staff will check each dictionary and if it is a permitted dictionary they will stamp it. The dictionary will still be checked prior to the start of the exam by an invigilator. They will be checking for any written notes. If a dictionary has any written notes then the invigilator will remove the dictionary for the duration of the examination, as written notes in a dictionary are not allowed, even if the dictionary has been stamped.

We recommend that students do purchase their own translation dictionary as they may need it for future exams. Examples of allowed translation dictionaries can be found here.

If you have any ideas that you would like to see the SU take action on, submit them as a SUggestion here.