An update from Alex, your Women’s Officer image

An update from Alex, your Women's Officer.

I firstly want to start by saying a massive thank you to everyone who got involved with organising Women's History Month and to everyone who took part - the month was so much fun and a huge success! 

The first event, Not Just a Girls Night, was a social event open to everyone.  Prior to the event, we had gathered support information for students and had Women's History Month wristbands made. During the evening, we got to meet some new people and spread awareness of the Women's Group which is brilliant.

Our solidarity campaign was a success too, with a phenomenal 222 people taking part! We were interested in finding out what feminism means to different people and because feminism is subjective there weren't really any wrong answers. The results came in at: 

  • 63% of votes for feminism = equality,
  • 26% of votes for feminism = solidarity,
  • 6% of votes for feminism = angry women,
  • 5% of votes for feminism = female superiority.

It was great to get a conversation about feminism started on campus, to see people spreading the solidarity campaign stickers, while also spreading the word.

During Environmental Week, we had 'Environmenstrual Week' and did a social media campaign to promote eco-friendly periods. Kate Sired was the lucky winner of our competition to win a menstrual cup.

Our round-up event for the month was Belated Galentine's Day. We'd had some students design some gorgeous postcards to give out to individuals. The idea being that they would then send them to women that inspire them.

On social media, we also promoted Liberation Library every Tuesday with 4 to 5 suggested books or podcasts which focused on female empowerment. Women Power Wednesday ran alongside this - it sought to recognise and celebrate 5 different women every week.

As part of our Women in Leadership project, some familiar University of Lincoln faces appeared with quotes from Mary Stuart, Libby John, Ruchi Aggarwal, Hannah Coleman and Sue Liburd.  I'd like to think that reading about strong Lincoln role models and the struggles they've faced would empower and inspire everyone who sees it.

Again, thank you to everyone who got involved to make this Women's History Month so impactful, empowering and inspiring. 

Alex Bentley

Women's Campaigns Officer 2018/19

Twitter: @womens_ulsu

Email: [email protected]