Volunteer Officer of the Month Nominations

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The Executive Committee scrutinise all Volunteer Officer reports each month, to ensure that all Officers are held to account on the work they do for students. Each month the Officers will choose five nominees for the Volunteer Officer of the Month award, and will select one winner! 


School Rep for Design 

This month, Callum has worked really hard to formulate initial plans for a Creative Arts and Design Academic Society, and gather interests from students. He has also undertaken many opportunities to network and build connections with members of staff, as well as attending committee meetings, which have led to beneficial enhancements for the student experience including the possibility of incorporating additional optional modules across the College of Arts to learn extra skills e.g. a language alongside their study. 


School Rep for Chemistry 

Arden has been putting loads of plans in place this month to benefit the students in the School of Chemistry. These have included getting a careers week together for the School, organizing together a book sale at JBL where third years leaving can sell their old textbooks or other books relevant to the courses to first and second years who may need them, and making sure that students have the library resources that they need. 


RAG Officer 

Emma has only just started in her role as RAG Officer however she is already making a splash. She worked to run a Sports Relief RAG event, which included the “Challenge of the Century”, as well as supporting the Campaigns Network and the union’s MAD (make a difference) week, specifically SHAG (sexual health awareness and guidance) day. She has also started to meet with local charities to discuss the possibility of fundraising for them or getting the union involved in projects they run.


School Rep for Pharmacy 

Claire has been working with staff to create materials up for next year’s intake of students in the school, ensuring they have all the important information they will require in one place. She has been promoting the NSS to our final year students and know that the MPharm cohort has exceeded the minimum threshold for data! Claire has also started making plans with other staff and students within the school for our next school meeting, which is taking place towards the end of April.


School Rep for Law 

This month Chloe has been continuing her work to support Student Carers, working with the Wellbeing Centre to achieve wins including the confirmation of a question regarding caring responsibilities on the enrolment form, the Implementation of an emergency fund to assist students to get home in a crisis situation and creating a Learning Support Plan for carers to ensure that their learning is not interrupted due to a caring role. She has also been attending meetings, and events to make sure the students in the Law School have their voices heard, and is getting changes made to areas including Welcome Week, specific modules, and the use of technology in lectures. 

The winner of March’s Volunteer Officer of the month is Emma Blackburn, your RAG Officer. Emma has won a £20 cinema voucher!

You can see all of the Volunteer Officer Reports below

Loads of students have also voted on the Student Leaders’ Reports this month. By voting on these reports, you can be in with a chance of being one of the three winners of £20 Cinema Vouchers. This month’s winners are: 

Oliver Clifton  |  James Smart-Glew  |  Nicola Lesley Seagrave