Volunteer Officer of the Month Nominations

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Your Volunteer Officers (School Reps, College Officers, PG Officers, Campaigns Network Officers, Sports and Societies Officers) write brief reports each month about what they have been up to and what they are planning to do in the coming month.

You can view the volunteer Officer Reports for November here

The Executive Committee scrutinise all Volunteer Officer reports each month, to ensure that all Officers are held to account on the work they do for students. Each month the Officers will choose five nominees for the Volunteer Officer of the Month award, and will select one winner!


Short list for November


Law School Rep - Claire Hogley

Claire submitted a very detailed report and has had a very busy and productive month, including getting more E-book access to core texts and resources for students.


School of History & Heritage Rep - Georgia Petts

Georgia is consistently making sure that the Students’ Union Executive team are aware of what is going on by keeping in regular contact with the Student leaders. She has been working with her Reps on assessment frameworks in the School and consistently facilitated feedback between Reps, Staff and students.


Women's Officer - Alex Bentley

Alex organised a very successful ‘Reclaim the Night’ march this month, alongside her fellow committee members which had over 250 people expressed interested in through Social Media.


School of Pharmacy Rep - Claire Hodge

Claire submitted a very detailed report and has had a very busy and productive month, including organising transport for over 50 students to attend a conference in Nottingham, kindly funded by the School, and making arrangements for Mental Health Awareness sessions.


College of Arts Officer - Glen Allison

Glen has worked hard to support his School Reps and it has been noted at College Committees that engagement from Reps in the College has been very high this year.

The winner of November’s Volunteer Officer of the Month is Georgia Petts, School Rep for History & Heritage!

You can see all of the Volunteer Officer Reports below

The winner of October’s Volunteer Officer of the Month was Luke Kidger, School Rep for Film and Media! Luke won was selected because he highlighted work in his report that was wider than the academic remit of the Volunteer Officer, referring and advocating for the Advice Centre when students within his school were coming to him for support/advice. He’s also shown that he’s been proactive in his role finding out from the bottom up the issues that are currently facing a minority student population in his school.