How does volunteering make you feel?

Cast your minds back to March, when we held Make a Difference week.

A week full of exciting volunteer opportunities for students to get involved in and to give back to their community.

We helped restore St.Faith’s Hall in West Parade and St. Botolph’s church on the High Street, and retrieved an interesting variety of items from our Brayford Pool Clean-Up including a shopping trolley, tyre and a bike!?


Let’s not forget our SHAG Day (Sexual Health Awareness & Guidance), with amazing free packs full of goodies and free Skinz condoms!! We also handed out free t-shirts and advice about sexual health. It’s safe to say you guys loved our packs! 

Also in that week we cleaned up the Carholme area, we had a small army of eager volunteers that transformed the streets into a clean haven.

The City of Lincoln Council were very thankful for the volunteers’ effort saying “the students were truly fantastic” and that they “sometimes get a bad press in our area but I feel that most are an asset to our community”. This is fantastic for the local council to recognise the work of our volunteers and we hope the community enjoyed the tidy streets.

The week would not be complete without some gardening!

Our volunteers worked hard in Liquorice Park, a green space for wildlife and the community. Our very own Volleyball club volunteered their time to help other volunteers to create a fully functioning compost heap and the foundations of a living fence.

The club said that the “friends of Liquorice Park were absolutely fantastic” and that even after getting tired helping out, they “had a brilliant time on the whole, and will definitely get involved again in the future”.

It’s amazing to see the transformation to people and our surroundings when we volunteer, it makes such a difference to people’s lives and also to yourself.

If you would like to get involved in any volunteering, head to our website for the latest opportunities.