2019/20 VP International role passes appeal

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Mohit Buchandani officially declared the elected winner of the Vice President International role at Lincoln Students’ Union, following conclusion of a candidate appeal.

During the 2019 Students’ Union Elections results night it was announced that the Vice President International (VPI) Student Leader position would be subject to the outcome of a decision made from the Independent Returning Officer in regard to a candidate appeal.

The appeals against the decision were as follows:

(1) ‘Candidate was allegedly telling students that they would get free food if they voted a certain way’ – Upheld.

(2) ‘Candidate was allegedly campaigning in an external Night Club venue, giving out free food to voters. The allegation was in relation to financial rules’ – Dismissed.

In the case of (1), the Independent Returning Officer reviewed the evidence and upheld the appeal, sanctioning the candidate with a formal warning. In the case of (2), this decision was not upheld after reviewing all available evidence.

Following further appeals against the above, it is the role of the Clerk of the Board of Trustees to investigate further and assess all evidence submitted to ensure a fair, unbiased, and proper decision was made on the original appeals. After further review of the cases, and in line with Students’ Union bye-law 7, the Clerk of the Board has upheld the decisions made by the Independent Returning Officer, deeming after reviewing the evidence that the sanctions and outcomes were all fair, unbiased, and proper.

The appeals have since been officially dismissed, meaning that the Students’ Union’s Vice President International role for the 2019/20 academic year has now been confirmed to be Mohit Buchandani with a mandate 1485 votes.

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