We love our #WeAreLincoln community

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A few weeks ago, the amazing #WeAreLincoln community came together to celebrate a truly awesome year.

From the first Academic Hub and Academic Reception to Societies Showcase and Varsity (3 years in a row, in a row, 3 years in a row!) this year will be one we won't forget.

Your hard-work fundraising, your Social Sport participation, your support for fellow team mates and community members has made everyone here at the SU proud. Thank you.

Now, let's take a look at the Awards results shall we? 

Fundraising Award

Winner: Hockey

Membership Engagement Award

Winner: Netball

Event of the Year Award

Winner: Peace of Mind

New Activity Award

Winner: Pole Fitness

Academic Society of the Year Award

Winner: Biomed

Sports Club of the Year Award

Winner: Athletics

Society of the Year Award

Winner: Women in Work

Coach of the Year Award

Winner: Lottie Beange

Society Personality of the Year Award

Winner: George Young

Sports Personality of the Year Award

Winner: Breesha Foxton

Committee Engagement Award

Winner: K-Wave

Pride of Lincoln Award

Winner: Rhys Dickinson

8 Out of 10 Swans 


Full Colour

Jennifer Evans, Futsal

Half Colours

Harry MacDonald, Futsal

Breesha Foxton, Dodgeball and Hockey

If you would like to see a full list of the Award descriptions and shortlisted candidates, you can do so here. 

Photo credits go to @frank.scaliciphotos