Welcome to the Wellbeing Network!

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Welcome to your Students’ Union, the Wellbeing Network!

The Wellbeing Network has been created in response to student feedback to support your Vice President Wellbeing and Community. The Wellbeing Network consists of your Community Officer and three groups of Wellbeing Champions, each one led by a volunteer ‘Lead Wellbeing Champion’.

The three groups are, ‘Mental Health’, ‘Physical Health’ and ‘Sexual Health’. Alongside the Community Officer, the volunteers will support the VP Wellbeing and Community by actively taking part in campaigns, raising awareness of the services available to you and getting your feedback.

Lucy, your VP Wellbeing and Community is currently looking for three dedicated, passionate students who would like to take on the roles of Lead Wellbeing Champion! Check the volunteer role here, or email Lucy via [email protected], for more information about the roles, including the role descriptions.

‘I’m so excited for the Wellbeing Network to be implemented, I can’t wait to work with the Wellbeing Network to improve the wellbeing and health of our students, as I understand how vital it is. The role of wellbeing champion is particularly exciting as it allows students to directly influence how the Students’ Union supports students’ mental, physical and sexual wellbeing. Anyone who is passionate about wellbeing would be perfect for the role’ - Lucy Krogdahl, VP Wellbeing and Community