Welcome Week and Freshers Wristbands

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As we have reached July; we know that our prospective and returning students are beginning to look ahead to the new academic year and what they can expect from their ‘Welcome Week’ or ‘Freshers’ experience. 


It is not unexpected that the COVID-19 pandemic is currently impacting on our planning for larger gatherings and activities, meaning that traditional Students’ Union ‘Freshers Week’ events such as fayres, gigs and club nights in the Engine Shed will not be taking place. All events of this nature are on hold in accordance with current government guidance and, as such, we will not be selling any Freshers Wristbands, Platinum Cards or tickets ahead of the new academic year. 


We have become aware that some organisations outside of the SU and University are promoting ‘Freshers’ events and we strongly advise students not to purchase tickets for any large scale events that are being promoted across Lincoln, as under current government restrictions, these events will not be able to take place.


The health and safety of our members is our absolute priority and as legislation relaxes and we can host larger gatherings, the SU will reintroduce events such as Quack! and live music events.

Despite the current uncertainty, the Students’ Union and the University are working together on a variety of online and on-campus activities for the start of the new academic year. These will be in line with current social-distancing guidance and are expected to include events such as an outdoor cinema, virtual fayres, food-markets and other outdoor catering options, social sport sessions , as well as opportunities for students to relax and socialise in our extensive outdoor and covered spaces. We hope to extend all of these activities far beyond the usual first week of term so that all students have access to a diverse range of safe, social and fun activities and spaces longer term.


Students will have the opportunity to explore and communicate with the SU’s sports team and societies, through a series of virtual fayres, before deciding which to join. The SU and University are working to make sure that sports team and societies have opportunities to deliver taster sessions and training sessions, in accordance with government guidelines, so that students can still experience new hobbies and meet like-minded people.

We want to thank our current and incoming students for their patience and understanding at this time. We hope that our Lincoln community can come together this year to have the best university experience possible, whilst staying safe.