An update from Emma, your VP Welfare and Community

A massive thank you to everyone who signed or shared our letter and petition last night! It’s really brilliant to know so many students support the aim we are trying to achieve, and are passionate about putting welfare at the forefront of student accommodation providers mindsets.

We have initially sent this to Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) providers i.e blocks of flats, which include: Junxion, Pavilions, Hayes Wharf, Aqua House, Brayford Court, Brayford Quay, Danesgate House, Hayes House, Saul House, St Marks, Park Court, Park View and Cathedral Court.
However, since the very unexpected amount of attention this petition has got, we would like to spread this further. As you can imagine, getting a list of all landlords (not letting agencies) is a little bit impossible, and therefore we want to empower you to use this petition and letter to contact your own landlord and ask them if they could consider not charging the last rent payment, or possibly even offering some form of discount instead if they believe this is not possible! If you would like some support with this, then please do get in touch with either Emma ([email protected]) or our team in the Advice Centre ([email protected]). 
It is important to clarify that unless you are directly instructed otherwise by your landlord, you still need to pay your rent on time and as per your lease, and we do not support any form of rent striking.