Wellbeing Blog December

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Hello everyone, I’m Lucy the Vice President Wellbeing and Community here at Lincoln Students Union, and I write monthly blog posts full of handy tips and suggestions surrounding student wellbeing. Its a great way to read what we have been getting up to and how you can get in touch with the Students Union and The Advice Centre should you need too.

This is it, we have made it to the last few days of 2020 and before we all start celebrating the new year with a drink or two, either out or at home (if you’re at home we have a video on some fantastic cocktail recipes that you can watch here!) we can reflect on the year and think about the year ahead. 2020 was not a normal year for anyone and while we can sit and think about all the new year’s resolutions we didn’t accomplish, I think this year we forget about those targets we set on the 1st of January 2020 and appreciate the fact we made it through, even with a global pandemic.

Every year on new years we set ourselves resolutions, that 90% of us have broken by January 15th (at least that was when I cracked when I did Veganuary this year!) and we spend the rest of the year feeling like we failed, but what we don’t take into account when we set those resolutions, either slightly tipsy or just swept up with the celebrations on December 31st, is what the year is going to throw at us (COVID I’m looking at you).

So this year I’m not going to be making resolutions like I must save x amount of money a week or I must go to the gym 4 times a week no matter what, because while they may be good habits to get into, at some point life will get in the way and you wont be able to keep it up, but that doesn’t mean you will have failed. I would set myself those very two targets every year, not considering that I was studying for a degree, working as a bartender and this year, running in an election and every year I’d have broken them by march. Simply because life got in the way.

Its great to get into those habits (like going to the gym or saving money) but sometimes its more important to ignore those goals in favour of getting a take away with your flat, or going to Quack to celebrate a good assessment mark, or buying a last minute train ticket to go home because you miss your dog (and family).

So this year on December 31st or January 1st no matter if you’re all dressed up drinking cocktails or if you’re in Tier 3 so you’re celebrating at home in pjs I think it’s a good idea to consider what sort of year you want 2021 to be and make resolutions based on that.

I know I will be making the exact opposite resolutions to normal, I want to buy those last minute train tickets to see my Uni friends who I haven’t seen since Feb and I want to enjoy those drinks with friends after work that turn into going out for dinner. More than anything my resolutions this year will be to enjoy the year and everything that comes with it, to say ‘no’ to plans less.. oh and to wash my masks more!

If you want to get in touch, or have any questions you can email me at [email protected], or message me on Instagram (@ulsuwellbeing) or Twitter (@ulsu_wellbeing). You are also able to contact the SU advice centre at [email protected] for impartial and confidential advice.

I hope you have all had a fantastic year and Christmas break and you are looking forward to everything the next year may bring. See you in 2021!