Wellbeing Blog - September

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Hey everyone!

I’m Lucy, the Vice President Wellbeing and Community here at Lincoln Students' Union. I will be writing monthly blog posts full of handy tips and suggestions surrounding student wellbeing. It will also be a great way to find out what we have been getting up to and how you can get in touch with the Students' Union and The Advice Centre should you need too.

So firstly, an update on what we have been doing while you’ve been at home enjoying your summer! Over the last 4 months we have been working really hard to make sure there are activities in place for students when they return, these are both virtual and on campus, meaning no matter your preference you can get involved. We have also set up Twilight Cafe's to take place during Welcome Week, these are there for students who may be feeling isolated and want to do something from the comfort of their own room, but still meet likeminded people. I have been working on a number of community and inclusivity projects which I am so excited to launch for you. Finally, and most excitingly, we have launched the Wellbeing Network!

The Wellbeing Network is a brand new volunteering network and is made up of the Community Officer, and three Lead Wellbeing Champions: Sexual Health, Mental Health, and Physical Health. Each Lead Wellbeing Champion also has a team of Wellbeing Champions who work with them within those remits. It is there to support and signpost students, get feedback on what students want and help with campaigns. Your Lead Wellbeing Champions can all be contacted via email and full information can be found on the website here

We are so happy to have students returning but we know coming (back) to University can be a stressful time for all students, so here are some helpful tips to make that transition.

Get involved

Coming to university is daunting, especially if you’re arriving in your first year and don’t know anyone. The best thing to do here is to get involved, this could be with Sports and Societies (many of which are moving virtually this year!) as no matter your hobbies or interests there is something to suit everyone. Our Welcome Week events are also a great way to meet people, there's many events and something to suit everyone - the full line up can be found here. Getting involved doesn’t have to be big, it could be as simple as sitting in the kitchen in your flat one evening to get to know your housemates, or planning a virtual movie night with a few people on your course.

Plan ahead

When you first arrive at university your assessments may seem years away, but they can come round quickly! Make sure you stay organised, attend your lectures and plan ahead, a great way of doing this is having a wall planner where you can add your assessments in and plan your revision around your timetable.

Explore the local area

In Lincoln we are lucky that we are in the centre of a town that’s full of interesting things to do and sights to see, so be a tourist for the day and get to know the local area. Discovering a local café to work in or your favourite small business is a great thing to do when you first arrive and can help shape your university experience.

Decorate your room

Halls of residence rooms can look plain when you first arrive but you will be living there for a year so make it feel like home. Fairy lights are a must for student rooms and can instantly make it feel homely. While you can't use bluetac or pins, command hooks are great for putting things up and will allow you to add personal touches and photos to your room.

Deal with the boring bits

We know when you arrive you can get caught up in the hustle and bustle that is uni but make sure you do all the paperwork - register at your nearest GP, enrol on your course and if you need to, look for student friendly jobs.

If you want to get in touch or have any questions you can email me at [email protected] or message me on Instagram: @ulsuwellbeing, or Twitter: @ulsu_wellbeing.

See you next month!