Wellbeing Network!

Your Student Leaders have been busy ensuring that providing feedback is accessible and as clear as possible.

Each Student Leader has their own network of students to receive feedback to represent you, the students, VP Education has College Officers and School Reps, VP Activities has the Sports, Societies, Academic Societies and RAG Officers, VP International has the International Students’ Association (ISA) and your VP Campaigns and Environment has the Campaigns Network.

To support the VP Wellbeing and Community in their role, a new Wellbeing Network has been approved by the Executive Committee to provide valuable student feedback and represent student interests.

The Wellbeing Network will be made up of your elected Community Officer and three ‘Lead Wellbeing Champions’ with ‘Wellbeing Champions’ supporting them. The already elected Callum Roper will continue to be your Community Officer for the 2020/2021 Academic Year, however, we are looking for three individuals to take on the volunteer roles of; Lead Mental Health Wellbeing Champion, Lead Physical Health Wellbeing Champion and Lead Sexual Health Wellbeing Champion. More information will follow regarding the volunteer roles subject to student approval. 

This has meant changes in the Standing Orders; 5001, 5007, 5008 to remove the Community Group from the Campaigns Network and the creation of 5014 Wellbeing Network. These can be found here.
In line with Bye-Law 3.10, these are subject to student approval. If you have any objections to changes within these Standing Orders, please email [email protected] within 14 days.
If 20 objections are received to the change within 14 days, the change shall not be passed, and a Student Members’ Meeting shall be held if necessary.