Student Life Sorted with Wilko

Living in student accommodation doesn't mean you can't put a stamp on your space. With just a few clever tips and tricks we'll help you transform your house (or room!) into a home.

Storage really is your saviour when it comes to getting the most out of what little space you have. Anything that doesn't have a home can quickly be stashed out of sight. Large ottomans really are the king of storage! They’ll give you lots of storage space whilst adding little design touches and giving you a comfy place to sit – what’s not to love?

Most rooms just come with a bed and a mattress so kit yourself out with a duvet, pillow and bedding set (plus an extra set for when the other one’s in the wash!). Choose a duvet cover design that reflects your personality as it’s a great opportunity to add some colour to your room with minimal effort. 


If you can’t change your wall colour, learn to roll with it and match your soft furnishings to them instead. When it comes to breathing new life into a room, there's nothing a few scatter cushions won't solve! Get creative and experiment with different textures and sizes. Lighting is also a simple yet effective way to make a room feel more homely. Drape fairy lights around wall art, photo collages or cork boards to create a focal point. Finally, fill those bare walls with your favourite memories and inspirational quotes. It’s a great way to beat those feelings of homesickness too.


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