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Your views and opinions are important to us. Across the university, we work in partnership with students across various initiatives to improve your overall University experience.

The School Action Day initiative was created to provide students and staff with a space to explore key ideas, issues and areas for improvement by developing solutions together, in a format that is suitable for each School/Department.

The session is inclusive to all staff and students in a School to give feedback on different themes for discussion and working in partnership with School/Course Reps, staff and peers to create positive actions from utilising the student voice.

Main aims for the initiative are:
• To give all students a chance to voice their opinions and talk directly to staff and Reps in a comfortable and informal environment, 
• Work with staff to create solutions to enhance the learning experience,
• Foster and build a community with other students in an informal setting.

Most Schools who have taken part in the initiative had separate areas for each theme, and gave students time to give feedback and thoughts on each one before creating “Action Plans” together in how these ideas could be implemented.

A great success from the initiative has been working with Study Group and the feedback they have gven within their School Action day event has lead to students delivering language sessions, integrating a variety of cultures, and peers sharing skills. Check out the skill sharing session which the students are delivering to their peers here. A great piece of positive partnership working between students and staff, actively making change. Great work Study Group!

We are always continuing to develop our services and opportunities to give the best possible experience for students in Lincoln. We are working daily with the University to provide feedback and ensure that in partnership, we are able to develop the student experience as much as possible. We hope these updates have been helpful, and remember, all students are always welcome to get in touch and share their feedback or ask for an update on any of our invitiatives. You can get in touch here via [email protected]

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