Power sockets to be fitted in lectures!

The last few weeks have been a constant barrage of triumphs from your Student Leader team as they take on board student suggestions from our online SUggestions platform, and lobby to put your ideas into action.

In the latest triumph, your Vice President Academic Affairs, Tommy George, took on the challenge to respond to an SUggestion which stated:

‘Power sockets should be fitted in lecture theatres to allow students to charge laptops, tablets, phones, etc.’

The SUggestion was quickly backed by student comments emphasising the importance of power supplies in lecture theatres. With that, Tommy spoke to the University Estates team to see what could be done.

Tommy says:

“After meeting with the Estates team, the University has added power sockets into the specification as and when planned refurbishments occur in the University's Lecture theatres.

“This is a great win, as the majority of students attending lectures record notes on digital devices, and without sufficient power, there’s no guarantee their devices will last the full day.”

This success comes off the back of several SUggestions completed this week, the latest being societies receiving 20% discount on auditorium hire at the LPAC, and sanitary products being made available at cost from the University shop.

There are still several SUggestions currently available at www.lincolnsu.com/SUggestions. If you would like your voice heard, then submit an idea, or vote on an existing one, and see what changes your Students’ Union can make for you.