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Our Advice Centre is independent of the University of Lincoln and our trained Advisors offer confidential, impartial advice.

We advise on University General Regulations and can guide you through all academic processes, from the common to the complex. We will also support you if these issues are impacting on other areas of your life or wellbeing.

Click on each category for guidance on each issue and the support available to you.

It may be that you are experiencing an issue on your course that can be resolved informally, either on your own or with the support of your Advisor.**

If you and others are dissatisfied with your timetabling, feedback structure, or there is an issue that is being picked up on by more than one individual, it may be best to contact your Course or School Rep, click here for more info.

If you are looking for support with Academic writing, the University Library has an Academic Writing Support Team and a section specific to Postgraduates here.

The Doctoral School offer several events to support personal development through Postgraduate study, please see here.

If you are experiencing issues with contact time, course delivery or available resources, you can discuss this with your Supervisor or have a confidential discussion with one of our professional Advisors to discuss your options about how to resolve the issue. Please see Supervisor Issues in the sections below if you are experiencing issues with your Supervisor.

If you have a Learning Support Plan and your reasonable adjustments are not being met, an Advisor can support you to raise this issue with the relevant university teams. Click here to find out more about Learning Support Plans, DSA funding and who to contact at the university to discuss your eligibility for support.

If you are studying a Post Graduate Taught degree, your Personal Tutor will also be able to support you to report informal issues with a relevant staff member within your School. If you’re not sure who your Personal Tutor is, you can check Blackboard or contact your Course Administrator to find out this information.

If you have another academic issue or concern not covered here, or the issue is more serious, or you have attempted to resolve it informally without success, please see our Student Complaints section below and contact us as soon as possible for 1:1 advice and support.

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If you are enrolled on a Postgraduate Research Degree, you will have a supervisory team appointed, consisting of at least two supervisors, one of whom will have experience supervising the relevant or higher research degree to completion.

One Supervisor will be the Director of Studies (first supervisor) with responsibility for regular and frequent supervision. This should be at least monthly (at least every two months for part-time students) and both parties are responsible for this engagement.

For more information on the regulations surrounding Supervision, please click here and go to page 8.

If you are experiencing issues within your Supervisory team that you feel are affecting your ability to study, it is important that these are addressed as soon as possible. If you are unsure of how to approach this with your team or feel as though the issues are irreconcilable, please speak to one of our professional Advisors for confidential advice on how to move forward.

If you are enrolled on a Postgraduate Taught degree, you will have a Personal Tutor appointed for informal support. If you are experiencing issues with your Personal Tutor, you can seek independent advice from our service.

If you are considering formally raising tutor or supervisor issues to the University, please see the Complaints section below.

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The University General Regulations 2019/20 state that the Student Complaints process is

“… a formal means through which students can channel any complaint they may have about the services provided by the University, and through which the University can resolve such complaints in a fair, open and timely manner.”

It may be that you have an informal issue that can be resolved without going down the formal complaint route, which our Advice team can support you to report and resolve. Please see the section above on this page to find out more.

Please click here to see the University Secretariat’s information page on Student Complaints, and here to go straight to the regulations.

We strongly recommend that you get in contact with our Advice Centre before submitting a complaint. A trained Advisor will make sure that the complaint statement and evidence is as strong as possible, as well as talking you through the process and what will happen next. An advisor will discuss all potential outcomes and any consequences as a result. You have the right to independent representation and support throughout this process.

If you are unsatisfied at the completion of the University’s complaints process you have a right to submit a complaint to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator (OIA) as long as you have a completion of procedures letter from the University. An Advisor can provide independent advice and representation throughout this process. Please get in touch.

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Whilst there are University General Regulations that apply to all University of Lincoln students, there are specific Taught Postgraduate Regulations and Research Degree Regulations available to view here.

In addition to this, there are “University Academic Policies” that include policies relevant to Postgraduate study, such as the “Research Ethics Policy”, “Student Engagement and Participation Policy for Postgraduate Research Programmes” and the “Student Policy on the use of Social Media”. Click here to see these and many more.

You will find the PGR Office Portal Site here, which has PGR regulations and forms.

If you have any queries about University Regulations and how/if they are applicable to you, please get in contact to speak to a trained Advisor.

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We recognise that your student experience studying at Postgraduate level is unique and has very different challenges. It can often be hard to find support and resources that are specifically tailored for the needs of research students. Student Minds have published an online resource specifically for Postgraduate Students; The Wellbeing Thesis.

The Wellbeing Thesis aims to support your wellbeing, learning and research. It promotes the idea that you should not have to sacrifice your health to complete your research.

For more information, please click here.

Student Minds have also published useful resources, which can be found here.

The above have been identified for PG students, please click here to see all Academic advice provided by the SU Advice Centre.

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