Postgraduate Common Room


PG Study Space Guidelines of use 

  1. This area is reserved for taught and research postgraduate students from across the university for private and to be able to take advantage of a designated common space. 
  2. As this is a common room, it is not a silent study area. Nevertheless, all students are asked to act with due regard for all other students. 
  3. The offices cannot be booked and therefore should be treated as ‘hot desks’, namely neither offices nor individual desks can be claimed over any prolonged period for personal use, and students should not leave property on the desks unattended. 
  4. The larger meeting room is reserved for group meetings and the preparation of presentations. 
  5. Occassionally, the common room will be used for talks and other organised sessions, and it may be necessary to close all or part of the space. Such closures will be notified in advance. 
  6. Water (only) can be obtained from the kitchen ATB3117. Other appliances in the kitchen are not for use. 
  7. As this is an unsupervised area, all students are asked to clean up all their rubbish. 
  8. All property is left at the student’s own risk. 

Any issues, please contact: 

  • The Doctoral School (if a PGR student)
  • Your Programme Leader (if a PGT student) asking them to contact the College PGT Lead of PGT Dean.