Postgraduate Representation

All students at the University of Lincoln will have an elected Rep. All Reps are elected through the Students’ Union, through an election by secret ballot. At postgraduate level, these Reps may be elected per course, courses may be grouped together for representation or the Reps may be elected per Academic School or Subject discipline. This is mainly dependent on the number of students on each programme and the similarity of programmes within a School.

Representatives are elected to listen to your opinions on how you want to improve your academic experience or if there are any issues. They work with the Students’ Union and relevant University staff members to help to make changes and shape your academic experience.

Your Student Leaders and Senior Reps (College Officers, School Reps and Postgraduate Officers) also sit on College and University Committee Meetings and make sure your views are put forward. This ensures the University makes decisions which are in the best interest of students.

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Hello, my name is Rici and I am the PGT Officer for this academic year while doing my master’s degree in MSc Management and International Relations. As PGT Officer I represent the opinions, suggestions, needs and concerns of PGT students and feed them back to the SU, members of staff as well as represent them at committees at both a college and university-wide level. Students can approach me about any problem they might have and I will always try to help them or, if it’s a personal matter, advise them to somewhere they can get help. While I often work hand-in-hand with the School Reps in terms of academic issues, I believe the social aspect of PG life is where I can really support groups and individual students here at Lincoln. I am currently trying to find out what types of event PGT students would like to attend in their free time, what forms of socialising do they prefer? Jasmine, our PGR Officer, I am planning to set up more events throughout the year to encourage inter-disciplinary exchange among PG students. In my role as PGT Officer, it is important to me to make sure PGT students are represented well and that they feel a sense of community and belonging among each other here at the University of Lincoln.

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As Postgraduate Research Officer I will be working closely with Colleges and the Doctoral School to ensure that the research experience is the best it can be for the postgraduate research students here at Lincoln. I will be tackling issues raised in the past such as PGR employment during their studies and payment as well as workspace availability for thesis writing. I will be working with the Postgraduate Taught Officer to ensure there a link and between both research and taught within the postgraduate community. There will be a drop-in session if any postgraduate research student would like to meet with me and discuss any issues in depth and face-to-face. I look forward to meeting the postgraduate students both research and taught within the university whether that be in person such as in the drop-in sessions, PG forums or even by email.

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