Postgraduate Representation

All students at the University of Lincoln will have an elected Rep. All Reps are elected through the Students’ Union, through an election by secret ballot. At postgraduate level, these Reps may be elected per course, courses may be grouped together for representation or the Reps may be elected per Academic School or Subject discipline. This is mainly dependent on the number of students on each programme and the similarity of programmes within a School.

Representatives are elected to listen to your opinions on how you want to improve your academic experience or if there are any issues. They work with the Students’ Union and relevant University staff members to help to make changes and shape your academic experience.

Your Student Leaders and Senior Reps (College Officers, School Reps and Postgraduate Officers) also sit on College and University Committee Meetings and make sure your views are put forward. This ensures the University makes decisions which are in the best interest of students.

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PG (Taught) Officer

Jacob Diameh

Hi Everyone, I’m Jacob Diameh, your current Postgraduate Taught Officer. As your PGT Officer, my role is to ensure that the concerns, issues and thoughts of postgraduate taught students are heard and addressed. Working together with the Vice-President Education, PG Reps, School Reps, College Officers and the SU staff to ensure a progressive and improved academic experience for Postgraduate taught students at University of Lincoln.

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PG (Research) Officer


If you are interested in this role, please email [email protected]


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