Free Printing at Your SU!

Your guide to the new FREE PRINTING system at the Students' Union


What you'll find on this page:

1. Where the idea for free printing came from

2. What exactly is it?

3. How does it work?

4. Earn PRINTT points

5. Considerations for the environment

6. Useful links

1. You asked for it, here it is!

Back towards the end of 2016, the Students’ Union received an idea through the SUggestions online ideas board asking for free printing for students. The original SUggestion said:

Other universities around the country have access to a free printing service. The VP Academic Affairs has done a great job in reducing printing costs placed on students. However much we would like to see this go, premium printing will always come at a cost. 
However, there is an option available that allows students to print completely free of charge, by putting documents on their phones and selecting their mobile app. This free printing comes with advertisements appended to the bottom, however for lecture notes and other non-critical business this does not matter and helps support the union in terms of additional interest from sponsors, advertisers and essentially a new revenue stream.

With that, your Student Leader team set to work to find out more about this service, quickly discovering ‘PRINTT’ – a company that delivers exactly what was asked for.

2. So what exactly is PRINTT?

PRINTTis an on-demand printing service which you can access through an app on your phone. All printing is free and subject to a small advertisement at the bottom of your page (which funds the free printing service), although there is a premium option in which you can load money onto your account and remove the adverts.

PRINTT maintain and service the printers regularly to ensure that the service is accessible whenever you need it, and the printer can be accessed opposite the Students' Union Reception counter.

Find out more about PRINNT by clicking the button below.



3. How does PRINTT work?

The process is as simple as:

  1. Download the app to your phone
  2. Upload your document to PRINTT's cloud server
  3. Select the file to print
  4. Stand within 5 metres of the printer

And there you have it! If you don't believe just how simple it really it, check out the handy tutorial video below.


4. Earn points

As an added incentive to your printing needs, with every use of the PRINTT machine, you'll earn yourself some bonus points which can earn you prizes. The people with the most points each month will win prizes like PS4s, trainers - you name it!

Check out the information in the app to find out more.

5. Considerations for the environment

Although free printing will undoubtedly be a God-send for a lot of people, we do please ask that printing is considerate to avoid unneedful waste.

6. Useful links

Frequently asked questions:

Information on University of Lincoln's Sustainability policy: