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Student Leaders : 2017 - 2018

Kudzai Muzangaza President

To lead the Union’s elected Student Leader team, acting as the public figurehead of the organisation and ensuring the full-time elected Officers deliver their objectives and support the progress and reputation of the organisation and are committed to empowering the student voice at the University of Lincoln.

Tommy George VP Academic Affairs

To act as a Trustee of the Union, and the lead representative in matters relating to students’ academic experience, ensuring that students are able to be equal partners in the shaping of their academic experience.

Connor Delany VP Welfare & Community

To act as a Trustee of the Union, as well as the lead Officer on issues of student welfare, including housing, finance, safety, and health. To lead on efforts to engage students positively in their local community and encourage partnerships and strong relationships with the local community.

Luke Exton VP Activities

To act as a Trustee of the Union, as well as being the lead Officer on Sports Clubs and Societies, social opportunities, and matters of an active and healthy lifestyle.

Sophia Liu VP International

To act as a Trustee of the Union, as lead Officer for the engagement, support and representation of International (including EU) students, and their integration into the overall student experience at the University of Lincoln.