Vending machines in the library that accept cards

Vending machines in the library that accept cards

A simple change but one that I think would be quite effective. Especially because most people use cards for payments on a regular basis, it would be perhaps a good idea to have vending machines that take both cash and cards. These are already available at other public places, and would make it a whole lot easier for students to get a drink or snack without having to leave the library. This being important not just for general convenience, but also if a student is working late at night where other shops might be closed.

Submitted by Caleb Harris

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Kudzai ‘Muzangaza, President

Kudzai ‘Muzangaza


We are currently in conversation with the Head of Campus Services to explore the options that are available to implement this SUggestion. There is scope to review the provision of vending machines on campus with the hope to implement contactless payments.

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